What is going on??

So. Not really sure what I’m doing here but I’ll give it a go. Things have happened so quickly with my short-term move to Melbourne that my brother suggested to me that writing some form of blog might be a good idea to keep people at home informed of whats going on. As I write this first bit, I’m sat on plane with hours to kill, and although this won’t get posted until a day or two, hopefully this will provide an insight as to what I’m thinking (if anyone cares about that!!).

To set the scene: I’ve just signed a short-term agreement with Melbourne Victory to play in the Australian W-League.

How it came about:

Bristol were approached by somebody connected with Melbourne who enquired as to whether they could speak to me, being the person I am and intrigued to find out more, I allowed them to pass on my details. I had a call from a guy called Spence who explained they had been trying to get hold of me for a while to get me out to Australia, but now it was too late and all the places in the squad were up. A few days later I had another call from Aus – it was the manager of Melbourne explaining he had a guest space and would I be interested. I said yes I would be. Mike called me later that day (or not even now still confused by that) explained the situation, and I found myself saying yes. Even though at the time I was thinking….THIS CAN’T BE REAL.

A hiccup:

Before the final verbal agreement was met, we had a slight problem. Wales are playing Holland on the 25th of November, in Holland, and for all those who know me, missing a welsh game is just not an option (remember this helen lander)!!! When I thought of this I thought instantly it would stop the move, to go after the 25th would mean I’d miss too much of Melbourne’s season, and I didn’t think it would work any other way. I suggested to Melbourne that I’d still be keen but need to come back for the Welsh game at the end of the month and I waited for a call from Mike. I was fully expecting the ‘thanks but no thanks’ chat, however, the call was the opposite, move was a go, and it was to happen in 36 hours…eeek!

So much to do:

I needed to get a visa – which was a problem as I had no passport – it was expired. I had to get a brand new passport and then had to try get a visa approved and granted within a day. On top of this we needed to sort out international clearance and registration etc. I encountered more problems with the paperwork (there was a lot of it and there were issues with fax machines!!) and if wasn’t for lil fish (sister Francessca) none of it would have been possible…So thank you Fran?!?

I also had to speak to Bristol, speak to the Welsh Manager and sort all that out. Thankfully, both club and country were supportive, as always. I also had to pack and speak to Cardiff City Ladies where I was helping out, Sorry Jamie and girls! Love ya! All this to be done in like about a day and a half!! STRESS.


Cardiff to Heathrow … 10pm flight …Heathrow to Dubai, Dubai to Melbourne …. Thurs eve – sat morn.
First game Sunday .. HELP ?!?

Thoughts :

Well I’ve not had much time to actually sit and think about this, which is probably for the best! I’m presently on the flight to Dubai now and the first time to really try and let it sink in. It didn’t really hit me til I said my goodbyes in the airport and had a few late phone calls from my Bessie’s…Gwennan you absolute babe (almost had me in tears…but not quite!).

So, in general, brief thoughts on my move down under:

It’s new, it’s a challenge…it’s football and it’s Australia…
Everything I love…Plus sun 🙂

Winning ?!?!?!



2 responses to “What is going on??”

  1. Eric c says :

    Have a good time In Aus!! Player of the season 2012!!

  2. Julie Makin says :

    Quality Jess, enjoy your experience and stay safe x

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